Website’s Policies

we provide digital security system based on network, video image technology in order to
protect people's safety and comfort from potential risk, danger, etc...

    · 1. Personal Information Manager

  • The Personal Information Manager is responsible for protecting customer’s personal information and preventing unauthorized disclosure thereof, helps customers in using our services safely, and takes responsibility in the event of any accident arising from breach of any announcement made to customers relating to personal information protection.
    The Personal Information Manager is not responsible for damage or loss of information due to unexpected accidents caused by hacking or other inherent risks of the network that may occur despite technical safeguards and is not responsible for any dispute arising from the members’ posts. We appoint the following person as Personal Information Manager, according to Article 15 of the Guidelines for Protection of Personal Information implemented by MIC:

    · 2. Consent to Collection of Personal Information

  • When subscribing for membership to our services, you are asked to press the “I Agree” button, in consent to our Terms and Conditions. You can check our Policy on the same page. By clicking the “I Agree” button, you are deemed to have consented to our collection of your personal information.

    · 3. Purpose and Use of Personal Information Collection

  • We collect personal information to verify the identity of our customers and confirm his or her intent to use our services to provide optimal custom-designed services to the customer. We collect the minimum information necessary for customers to order, pay, and deliver goods and services and for us to provide other services to the customers. We do not use the personal information for any purpose other than that set forth herein and do not disclose such information to any third party without the consent of the member. We collect and use personal information for the following purposes:
    1) Name, Nationality, ID, password: to verify a member’s identity for use of our services.
    2) E-mail and telephone number: to facilitate transactions among m embers; confirm intent; handle complaints; give updates and announce news.
    3) Delivery information: to verify address for delivery of products, free gifts and bill for payment.
    4) Settlement information: to provide settlement services.
    5) Others: Information necessary for the provision of personalized services.

    · 4. Method and Item of Personal Information Collected

  • A. At initial subscription, we collect minimum information necessary to facilitate the provision of services.
    We may additionally collect information for payment settlement, delivery and refund in the course of your using our services.
     1) Personal information collected at subscription: - Required items: name, ID, password, nationality, e-mail address, and telephone number.
       - Optional items: mobile phone number and address
     2) Personal information collected additionally:
       - Settlement information: credit card and bank account information, etc.
       - Delivery information: name of recipient, address and contact information
       - Refund information: bank account information, etc.
    B. We collect members’ personal information only after receiving their consent, and we do not collect information on race, origin, legal domicile, religion, political disposition, criminal records, health condition and other information likely to infringe on the basic rights of members, unless upon the consent of the relevant member or required by law.

    · 5. Access to and Correction of Personal Information

  • A. A member can any time access or correct his/her registered personal information, except for the ID, name and citizen (business) registration number.
    B. To access and correct personal information, a member can log in to our homepage anytime and click the “My Shopping Information.” If a member notifies our Customer Center or Personal Information Manager in writing, by telephone, fax or e-mail, they will promptly take care of your request.
    C. If a member requests correction of personal information, the relevant personal information will not be used or provided until correction has been made. Information that was already provided to a third party will be notified and corrected promptly, and the corrected information will apply as soon as the correction process is complete.

    · 6. Withdrawal of Consent to Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information (Cancellation of Membership)

  • A. A member may at anytime withdraw his/her consent to our collection, use, and provision of personal information, made at subscription.
    B. A member may withdraw his/her consent by clicking on the Membership Sign in/Cancellation button in the Customer Service Center section of our site. If a member requests cancellation in writing, by telephone, fax or e-mail, to the Personal Information Manager, all necessary measures will be promptly taken to delete the personal information of the requesting member.
    C. We will take necessary measures to handle withdrawal of consents to collection of personal information in the same way and procedure as for the collection of personal information.

    · 7. Term of Retention and Use of Personal Information

  • A. In the event we collect personal information of a member, we will retain such information until the termination of the use contract pursuant to Article 10 of the Terms and Conditions for Use of Gmarket Purchasing Service. Upon termination, the Company will delete all personal information relating to the member without delay and will cause personal information of the member provided to any third parties to be deleted immediately. Nevertheless, personal information will be maintained in the following cases:
    1) Transaction records and minimum basic information required to be retained during the period provided in the laws, including the commercial code.
    2) If the pre-notified retention period of the personal information has not yet expired and, if the individual member has consented to the maintenance, during the contracted period.
    3) In the following cases, for the specified time:
    - Records regarding withdrawal of agreement or subscription: 5 years
    - Records regarding payment settlement and supply of goods: 5 years
    - Records regarding processing of customer disputes and complaints: 3 years B. If a member requests access to his/her personal information that we retain with the consent of such member, we will immediately take measure to allow the member to access and check such information.

    · 8. Term of Retention and Use of Personal Information

  • A. We will use the members’ personal information only for the purposes and within the scope of use identified above and generally will not provide such information to any third party.
    B. Nevertheless, we may provide or use personal information upon consent from the members through due process in the following events:
    1) For business partners: To provide better services to the members, we may provide to, or share with, our business partners the personal information of the members. In such case, we will first notify the members individually of, among others, the name of the partner, the personal information items to be provided and shared, purpose of such provision and sharing, period of provision, measures for protection of the personal information, and thereafter, will not provide or share the personal information if the member does not give his or her consent.
    2) Outsourcing: To facilitate processing on our part and to provide better service, we may outsource the management of personal information of the members, in which case we will announce the name of the outsourced service provider, the purpose, scope, process, and term of outsourcing, and other matters in detail.
    3) Sale, merger and acquisition: In the event the rights and obligations of the service provider are assigned or transferred, such assignment or transfer will be notified in advance and the members will be given an option to withdraw their consent regarding the personal information.
    C. The following exceptions shall apply:
    1) In the event special provisions under the relevant laws prescribe otherwise (such as the Act on Real Name Financial Transactions and Guarantee of Secrecy, the Use and Protection of Credit Information Act, the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Local Tax Act, the Consumer Protection Act, the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Transactions, Etc., the Act on Fair Indication and Advertisement, the Criminal Procedure Act)
    2) In the event it is necessary for settlement of payment upon the provision of services.
    3) In the event a transaction is consummated through our services, in which case, relevant information may be provided to the parties
    to the transaction as necessary to facilitate communication, transaction and delivery.
    4) In the event personal information is provided in a form not revealing the identity of the individuals, for purposes of statistics, academic research and marketing survey.

    · 9. Safeguards to Protect Personal Information

  • A. Technical Measures In handling personal information of the members, we take the following technical precautions to ensure safety from loss, theft, unauthorized disclosure, alteration, or damage.
    1) Installment of high-tech security system The personal information of the members is protected by passwords, and important data is protected through a separate security system using encryption of files or transmission data or file locking. To prevent disclosure of personal information of members as a result of hacking, we have a double intrusion detection and firewall system, and monitor the system 24 hours a day.
    2) SSL Security System The information inputted upon registration will be encrypted by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Protocol on the Netscape Commerce Server and then transmitted to us.
    3) Verisign Certification Our shopping mall has been officially certified by Verisign of the USA, a global web site certification authority, for security. B. Managerial measures
    1) We limit the number of people who handle personal information to the minimum level necessary and restrict their access to personal information to only
    that which is related to their job. The limited people are as follows:
    - The person who directly markets to members;
    - The Personal Information Manager and those handling personal information management; and
    - The person whose job responsibilities inevitably require the handling of personal information.
    2) We have people who handle personal information to acquire new security technology and regularly educate them on personal information protection and maintenance, to promote our goal of maintaining the highest security standards.
    3) We have all employees sign a confidentiality agreement to prevent unauthorized disclosure and regularly check the performance and compliance with our personal information protection policy.
    4) The transition of duties of an employee handling personal information will be carried out in a secured setting, and we strictly enforce accountability for personal information accidents after employment and resignation or retirement.

    · 10.Cookies

  • A cookie is a small text file of information about the basic setting of a website, sent by the website’s web server to the web browser of a user of the website. When a user logs onto the web site, the web server reads the information in the cookie stored in the web browser of the user and provides services without needing to ask for the user’s I.D. or password. We use cookies to find information about the members’ accounts in order to provide better and more appropriate and useful services to the members. Cookies identify the web browser of the members, but cannot identify the individual members. Further, members have an option to accept or refuse cookies. A member can choose the options of his or her web browser to accept all cookies, to receive notice when cookies are installed, or to refuse all cookies. However, if a member refuses cookies, he or she may not be able to access certain services that require cookies. To refuse cookies, a member can adjust the options of the web browser (in case of Explorer 50.0 or higher) as follows: Go to Explorer > Tools> Internet Option > Security > Customized Level > Cookies, then uncheck “Allow per-session cookies” and "Allow cookies that are stored on your computer."

    · 11. Limitation of Liability on Links to Other Web Sites

  • We can provide members with links to other web sites or information. In such cases, we have no control over such other web sites and information, and we disclaim any liability or guarantee regarding the services or usefulness of the information. If a member logs on to another web site through the link provided by us, the member should review the policies of such web site.

    · 12. What User Should Look out for to Protection One’s Personal Information

  • A. The personal information of the members is protected by passwords. Members should not disclose their password and are responsible for any disclosure by himself or herself. We never ask for the password through telephone or e-mails, so if you receive such an inquiry, please report to our Customer Center or the Personal Information Manager.
    B. After using our services, the members should log out and close the web browser. This is to protect the member’s personal information or communication from being disclosed to others in the event that the member shares a computer with others, or uses a computer at public places such as Internet Cafes, PC rooms or libraries.
    C. To prevent any unintended accidents, a member should keep his or her personal information up-to-date. The member is responsible for any accidents resulting from his or her provision of incorrect information. Furthermore, a member may lose his or her membership and be subject to criminal sections if he or she uses others’ personal information or enters false information.

    · 13. Comments and Complaintsn

  • A. We value the opinions from members and non-member users.
    B. We operate a customer center to communicate effectively with our users. The contact information is as follows:
    C. Also, you can contact the following government agencies for complaints. Personal Information Infringement Reporting Center
    Tel : 1336 URL :
    The Internet Crime Investigation Center, the Supreme Public Prosecutors' Office
    Tel : 02-3480-2000
    Cyber Terror Response Center, National Police Agency
    Tel :02-3939-112

    · 14. Protection of Children’s Personal Information

  • We restrict the age of our members to 14 and older and do not collect personal information from anyone under 14 years of age.

    · 15. Outsourcing of Personal Information Management

  • To facilitate effective customer service and management, we outsource the management of personal information to a limited extent to others, upon notice to our members. The following is the name of the current outsourced service provider, the purpose and scope of information entrusted, outsourcing procedure and the term of outsourcing:
     - Name: Inwoo Tech Inc.
     - Purpose: Operation of customer service center to promote efficiency of consulting business.
     - Scope: Personal information necessary for the consulting business from the personal information consented to be used.
     - Procedure: Reported to us after receipt of members’ comments and complains and processing of the personal information.
     - Term: From January 1, 2005 until the termination of the outsourcing agreement.

    · 16. Restrictions on Transmission of Advertising Information

  • A. We do not send for-profit, advertising information in case the member expresses his/her desire not to receive such materia
    B. If a member has consented to the receipt of advertising e-mails and shopping letters, we provide the following in the e-mail title and the main text for the members to easily see.
    - In the title: “Advertisement” may not be indicated in the title, but important information will be entered in the main text.
    - In the main text: Name, e-mail address, telephone number and address of the transmitter, to whom the members can express their intent to reject such mailing, and instruction on how to make such rejection, as well as the time and content of the members’ consent.
    C. In the event of transmitting for-profit advertising information by means of fax, mobile text massages, or a means other than e-mails, the text “advertisement” must be indicated in the beginning of the message and the contact information of the transmitter must be given.
    D. A member may at anytime express his/her intent to reject the receiving of for-profit advising information, upon which we immediate stop the transmission and notify the member of such stoppage.

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