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introduce the company to the customer.

  • We provide fire and security solution based on image and network technology on TI(Texas Instruments) embedded platform
    in order to protect people's safety and comfort from potential risk, danger,etc. especially, with our various system.
  • We believe that digital fire and security technology will be developed in the direction of system integration business based on network in the
    future. For that reason, we are focusing on the development of basic technology for the total solution.
  • One day I read "Hungry Spirit : Beyond Capitalism" by Charles Handy,famous British economist.
    He said in his book that the capitalistic companies, today, consist of a possessor and his mercenaries and this kind of structure causes
    a lot of absurdities. Besides, the members of a healthy company express their own character and belief while doing their job.
    That means a company is not a specific property, but a mutual society and it should consist of perfect members
    who take the responsibility for the mutual goal.
  • We would like to dream that we can create such a nice company.
    Sometimes positive thoughts draw disappointment but life without hope would be sad.
    We cannot choose the results from anything in advance but at least
    we ourselves can choose the attitude against trouble and adversity and the way of solving those things.
    They belong to us!
  • Thank you very much!

Business Area

  • Udworks the Global Partnership , digital video surveillance, fire detection and various high-tech stocks.
    Pumjigwa best picture and the stability of the product and the service provided to the user priority to develop products
    that have a sense of purpose If you want to know more and more in a variety of techniques, click the read more
  • High-resolution video recording
  • DM368 DVR RDK
  • DM8107 DVR RDK
  • DM8168 DVR RDK
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  • Detector
  • Smoke Detector
  • Standalone fire detector
  • Wireless fire detector
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Address: B-507, 32, Digital-ro 9-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea l COPYRIGHT(C) UDWORKS INC, ALL RIGHT RESERVED.