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TI DM368 SoC based design.

TI TVP5158 multi-channel video decoder to capture
video from analog cameras

Overall record features are given below

  • - Multi-codec record support (H264/MPEG4/MJPEG)
  • - Field based encoding
  • - Up to three encode streams per channel
  • - Various record trigger modes including manual mode, motion detect mode, schedule based mode,
    external event input mode
  • - Audio
  • - 8KHz / 16KHz Audio mono input and compression
  • - One of multiple input/playback audio channels can be output to the single speaker at a time

Storage of compressed input channels (audio+video)

  • - to SATA Hard Disk Drive (HDD) via USB SATA Bridge
  • - to USB mass storage drives

Streaming of compressed input channels as well as playback channel (audio+video) over network

  • - TCP/IP protocol based streaming

Overall playback performance is given below

  • - 1 CH playback of files stored in HDD / USB Drive
  • - CIF / Half D1 / D1 resolution
  • - NTSC / PAL
  • - Up to 30 fps
  • - Playback data can be viewed on the display monitor
  • - Playback data can also be streamed over network to VMS Client
  • - When playback runs in parallel with recording/live view, recording/live view FPS is reduced according to available system performance
  • - Various playback modes like playback / search based on camera input, date, event type
  • - Trick play modes for FF / REW

Live view

  • - All input / playback video channels can be viewed at the same time with different screen layouts supported
  • - Display type: S-video (NTSC/PAL), composite (NTSC/PAL), computer monitor display (upto XGA 1024x768 or XGA+ 1152x864)
  • - De-interlacing of data before display

Multiple user interfaces

  • - Keyboard, mouse based UI for local control with On-Screen Display (OSD) on the display device
  • - Buttons on front panel of the product for basic control

Other features

  • - HDD content backup via USB 2.0 storage drive
  • - Video loss detection
  • - Camera title, date-time imprint on the input video channels
  • - PTZ control for analog camera inputs

Software Development Kit (SDK) provided for easy customization

  • - Modular, scalable, robust software architecture with ability to change to customized different parts of the system easily
  • - Open Source Linux OS based software stack
  • - Complete source available along with documentation

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